“The real deal”

Cathy is an experienced psychic, medium, and mentor with a passion for helping and inspiring others. Since 1999 she has worked closely with Spirit to deliver insight, clarity, and healing. She is renowned for compassionate and spot-on readings that access deep soul truths, demonstrate the omniscience of Spirit, inspire profound shifts of consciousness, and improve personal realities. She helps clients comprehend life for their greatest possible outcome and spiritual growth.

  As featured on The Real Housewives, Kim Zolciak's 40th Birthday Party as filmed by BRAVO for Don't Be Tardy and the recipient of nearly 1,000 calls after being featured on Q-100's The Bert Show based on the accuracy of her predictions. Cathy is a gifted psychic (clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant), astrologer, healer/medical intuitive, tarot card reader and medium with an international clientele.

Cathy is scary good! You've GOT to have a reading with her!
She is amazing! She is the real deal!- Kim Zolciak
American TV Personality


  Cathy wowed the sports world with her amazing accuracy with her NFL football Wild Card matchup and the Divisional Playoff predictions for Buffalo Wild Wings attracting more than 225K views on Twitter and 168K views and growing on Facebook. People were astounded with her 100% accuracy including two long shot upsets, more than most seasoned sports analysts, with the Wild Card matchups using the tarot deck alone,
with little to no knowledge of football.



Cathy's NFL Wild Card Predictions

  Here Cathy is Featured On The Real Housewives  
  Cathy and the terrific crew at the 22nd squared agency making 4/4 100%
outrageously accurate NFL Wild Card Match Up
predictions for Buffalo Wild Wings nationwide.

  Surreal Estate Reality Show, Starring Psychic/Medium Cathy H. Burroughs  
  Cathy Stars in Various Reality TV Shows Including Psychic Pet Detective  
  Cathy as featured on AIB TV'S Love Astrology Series  
  Psychic Solutions Entertainment Presents
World Class Psychic & Variety Entertainment Nationwide

  Cathy Teaches Psychic Development, Tarot, Medical Intuition / Healing
& all Levels of Astrology Nationwide

"Mind-blowing!" - Don Martin, Previous Editor/Publisher, The Aquarius Magazine

"Expect incredible things!" - Noted Channel Becky Arrington

"A magical enchanting adventure!" - Workshop Participant

"I absolutely feel transformed!" - National IT Director, Destin, FL



Cathy Interviews Noted Hindu Astrologer James Braha for AIB TV



  Cathy's School For Psychics TV Sizzle Reel  

The ladies totally loved you and are so impressed with you.
They are saying you are just incredible! - Producer,
The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Season 10, Episode 18

You called it - to the day when I would get the call. Didn’t think
it was possible. - CEO, Landscape Design Company, Louisville, KY

I have to tell you your last reading four years ago was beyond
phenomenal: you named both my husband and mine’s salaries to the penny;
said we would rent when we never rent and guess what?
We ended up renting. Anticipated extenuating circumstances
around our house sale - that happened to the letter and exactly how
you said it would happen, even down to who would buy it; you anticipated my
exact career trajectory which made no sense at the time, even major new
developments in my town and where I would move. So glad I taped our session as you
recommended. I really don’t know how you do it and many, many more
details transpired - that I did not think possible or could not understand
how they could possibly play out as you said. And I’m talking exactly
to the day, to the penny - as you said they would. You were spot on!
Nailed it! -
CEO, Hospital, Amaryllis, Texas

First she described my job situation to a T. Then she told me my next
career move which not even my wife knows about! My mind is
totally blown! - Party Guest

She is so incredibly talented. We are all still talking about that night! -
Party Host, CEO, Private School

We had to wait a full ten years to have her come back to my husband’s
office party because we had to wait for enough turn over because
everyone was so freaked out at how accurate she was. Even the
nonbelievers were completely speechless! - Hostess,
Medical Staff Holiday Party

You told me two years ago you saw me in Mexico and then in Hawaii in front of a volcano. As I rarely travel I could not imagine this to be true but last year I found myself in Mexico for my birthday and then recently unexpectedly in Hawaii. It was not til I saw this photo did I realize that right behind me - there it is! There’s the volcano!!!!

Everything you’ve told me has happened. Every single thing. You are truly amazing, Cathy!!!

My connection to Cathy started about 5 years ago, during a live interview on social media. I wrote in my questions to the host of the live interview and was fortunate to receive the most outstanding reply from Cathy. Cathy’s messages to me on that day became my reality shortly after and has continued to be true for me each year. Cathy’s gifts and foresight has been an amazing journey for me. Indeed, Cathy is a warm blanket of Love and Light. — Norahs Khan, Internationally Noted Fashion Designer


Psychic Solutions Entertainment
~ Psychic Solutions Entertainment ~ Psychic Solutions Entertainment

A Gifted Team of Psychic Entertainers can provide
Psychic, Tarot, Palm, Astrology, Fortune Teller, Crystal Ball,
Psychometry, Handwriting, Pendulum, Tarot , Lip Readings,
Tea Leaf Readings and more at your next event.

Through the SE, Atlanta, Savannah and Nationwide

Accurate, Entertaining, World Class.
Bring the WOW Factor to your next event!

As far as I'm concerned Cathy is the best psychic on the planet.
CEO, Travel Spike, Cooker. Delivery + Publisher, journeyPod

Cathy and her gang are great! - Mike Kee, Event Manager, 99-X

Everyone is still talking about it! Amazing! - Party Hostess, Atlanta, GA

Gifted Readers for all your party needs......
For Parties, Special Events & Corporate Events
We also provide Pamper Parties and
a full Spectrum of Out of the Box Top Notch Entertainers

Expect incredible things from Cathy's Psychic Development Workshop - Becky Arrington, Noted Channel of Channel for Change and Arrington & Associates

"The best in the business!" - Producers, Bungalow Ball, 200 Peachtree

Cathy's 100% accurate NFL Wild Card Match Up predictions
for Buffalo Wild Wings wowed sports fans - including two long shot calls no sportscaster in the country got and with almost no football background -
attracted more than 700 K responses on Social Media and YouTube.

As featured on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" and Kim Zolciak's 40th Birthday as filmed by BRAVO on "Don't Be Tardy." Cathy is frequently featured in the media and was the recipient of 1,000 calls following her predictions
on Q-100's lead morning talk show The Bert Show. She's also been seen on The Kimmer Show, AIB TV and elsewhere.

As seen at the events of Q-100, 99 X, Jezebel Magazine, Microsoft,
The Fabulous Fox Theatre, The World of Coca Cola, The Ritz Carlton,
The Hyatt Hotels, The Westin Sundial, Chateau Elan, DVF, Bloomingdale's/Macy's, The Four Seasons Hotel, The W Hotel,
The Havana Club and premiere corporate and private parties all over town,
the SE, NYC, the NE, New England, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Diego, Miami, Florida, LA and nationwide. Premiere psychics and world class out-of-the-box entertainers.

You've GOT to have a reading with her! She is incredible. Scary good.
The real deal. - Kim Zolciak, "Don't Be Tardy"

I know you have the gift. The accuracy of your readings rocked my world! - Bert Weiss, Host, Q-100's The Bert Show

I had a reading that has proven so incredibly
accurate my hands are
shaking as I write this. I cannot thank you enough for the insight you provided and the peace of mind your reading has given me. You are amazing. - Attorney

You are so gifted it boggles the mind. - Workshop Participant

Scary good. Ten years later we are still talking about her! -
Party Host, Dr.'s Office

Cathy and her gang are great! They are always a huge hit! - Promotions, Direction, 99 X

Treat yourself. Change your life!

"A magical enchanting adventure."
- Workshop Participant

See your life take off exponentially!

The workshop was amazing. You are so gifted that it
boggles my mind!

- Reiki Master/ Mortgage Broker, Cartersville, GA

I absolutely feel transformed!
- National IT Director, Destin, Florida

"Expect incredible things from Cathy's Psychic Development Intensive!" - ;- Becky Arrington, Noted Channel + Alchemical Hypnotherapist of Arrington + Associates

"Exceeded all expectations."

- Attendee American Society of Dowsers Annual Convention Workshop

Both Guest Teachers will be providing mini readings following the workshop as schedules allow for additional fee.

For details, call (404) 292-2000 or email: cathyb108@aol.com. For full course description go to www.psychicsolutions.tv or call/text: (404) 543-1080.

About the Psychic Development workshop:

In this weekend intensive, we will cover a wide range of topics with many interactive exercises and opportunities to provide practical means of developing one's natural intuitive and psychic gifts. We will learn how to read past, present, future, how to scan energy and the body, access your guides and angels. We may use psychometry (working with objects), guided meditation, automatic writing and working with guides and angels, clearing the aura and chakras,managing the energies with protection and grounding; working with energy, spirits, guides, shamanic journeys, past lives, opening the third eye, pendulum/muscle testing (tools of validation) towards developing clairvoyance, audience and sentience, channeling, visualization, manifestation, working with the lunar cycles and more.

We'll also explore ways of working with the tarot and astrology to develop psychic ability and understand how each member of the class accesses their intuitive gifts; sharing my psychic tool box taught to me by my guides; practice readings; remote viewing; reading past, present and future. We will explore a wide range of different means of receiving information and validating the accuracy of that information. There will be practice readings with each other, one on one and in the group, as well.

"What an incredible weekend. I feel so honored and privileged to work with someone so gifted and so talented. It truly was an honor." -
Workshop Student

You may see your intuitive powers and your life take an exponential leap!!


I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the class!! As usual, the Universe had a wonderful and thrilling two days for us. I was still processing a lot yesterday... but today, feeling much more integrated. It was like a spiritual smorgasbord of stuff to learn about, taste, try and enjoy. The others in the class were our perfect teachers and mirrors. Thanks for facilitating and bringing so much of yourself to this event. I absolutely feel transformed. - National IT Director, Destin, Florida

*The workshop is located at 1089 Cleavemark Drive, Clarkston, GA 30021.

























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