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Developing Our Psychic Ability:
Why and How?
by Cathy H. Burroughs

A psychic reading is not just about career opportunities, good fortune or meeting tall, dark strangers. It is a sacred portal to manifesting your true destiny. ~ Anthon St. Maarten

I wasn’t always psychic, I often joke, and never planned this to be my career of choice. I was, in fact, “universally recruited.” I’ll never forget when I first started reading in Underground Atlanta. After a particularly heartfelt somewhat esoteric tarot reading, the young woman got up abruptly and began to walk away, saying, “I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about? I just want to know how tall is he, what does he look like, what’s his name and when’s he gonna show up?!”

It was then I realized I’d better hone my psychic capacity so I could more aptly respond to people’s desires and queries who crossed my path as I followed my own mysterious path of unfoldment. Actually the quest for spiritual guidance is a time honored tradition. Even the ancients sought illumination from oracles, omens, visions and the stars.

People often ask why it is useful to develop their intuitive gifts. I answer that I believe we are all born intuitive just as we all have five senses. Many have already experienced remembering past lives, seeing spirits, deceased relatives, having prophetic dreams or premonitions. Others just know when someone will call or when something just doesn’t feel right. These are already our gut instincts and intuition at work.

Within the parameters of our busy lives, there is little support or even acknowledgement of this invisible metaphysical or supernatural realm, never mind our contact with it. By taking time to unlock and enhance our access and abilities we benefit by strengthening our 1) clarity and authenticity 2) personal power and spiritual awareness, 3) gut instincts and emotional IQ; 3) wisdom and effectiveness personally and professionally; 4) insight into our personal patterns as well as 5) a deeper connection to and understanding of the overarching nature of life.

Types of Psychic Ability
Just as a musician practices regularly, when we do the same with our intuition we become more proficient. Psychic information filters through the third eye with visual images and associations (clairvoyance), audible messages (clairaudience), feelings (clairsentience), knowing (claircognizance) and sometimes, even smell (clairalience). Mediumship is another mode that allows us to reach the deceased. Some theorize there is actually an archive where all that has been or will be is stored in the astral known as the Akashic Record.

Spiritual Guides, Techniques and Tools
You may have heard that we all have a team of guides that assist us with lessons and objectives of this incarnation. These guides can be evolved human beings that sign on to help point the way, well known individuals who resonate with our work, master teachers like Christ or Buddha, as well as saints, sages, deceased relatives, totem animals, angels, archangels and others.

Practical exercises can boost our skill like automatic writing; reading objects (psychometry) or auras, working with the lunar cycles, intent and dreams, even creating customized rituals. Validating tools such as applied kinesiology (muscle testing) or dowsing (working with a pendulum) test our acuity, assuring us we are consistently receiving accurate information. Some prefer to work with tools like the tarot, I Ching, palmistry, runes, scrying and astrology; while others find energetic methods like alternative healing/clearing, hypnosis, past life or pre natal regression are catalysts to release blocks, contracts, vows, oaths and trauma that have outlived their usefulness.

A few psychic primers will jump start your inquiry: Rosemary Altea’s The Eagle and the Rose; James Redfield’s books especially The Celestine Prophecy; Doreen Virtue’s The Lightworkers's Way; Brian Weiss’s Many Lives Many Masters and James Van Praagh’s Talking to Heaven, to name a few. To learn more check out workshops and classes throughout your area metaphysical and healing centers. You are also welcome to request a suggested reading list by emailing Remember in the words of Wayne Gerard Trotman, author of Veterans of the Psychic Wars, Growth of consciousness does not depend on the might of the intellect but on the conviction of the heart.

Noted psychic/astrologer Cathy Burroughs teaches psychic development, astrology and more and is available for readings, classes and special events. Contact her via, cell 404 543 1080 or

Spiritual Love in Astrology
by Cathy Burroughs
July 2014

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways? – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Astrology is one of the most compelling metaphysical tools for understanding the hidden secrets in relationships and relationship dynamics. Spiritual love is one of the most mysterious connections we experience. This type of love often transcends our traditional notions of and may not easily fit into any clear category. The nature of spiritual relationships can be categorized by unconditional love or by more challenging soul level connections for our own evolution and growth.

In astrology there are many layers to understanding relationships are built on an entire spectrum of possibilities. Some of these can be discovered in a technique called synastry where we compare two charts to find the many linkages between them that create an impression of a third entity ~ the relationship itself. Here are some of the basic cosmic building blocks in an astrological birth chart that create powerful spiritual connections:

The Nodes are two polar opposites in a chart that indicate our soul level lessons in this incarnation. The South Node, which looks like a chalice, indicates past life gifts, past life relationships, unresolved karma or an unfulfilled spiritual contract or lesson. The North Node, which looks like a headphone, indicate that the individual may be a spiritual teacher for the other individual, help them to move along the path of their destined purpose or soul objective. This shows a potential future together.

Venus connections between two charts show affinity, affection, appreciation and shared values and may create a sense of kindred spirits or like-minded individuals.

Neptune is the higher vibrational frequency of Venus and is associated with unconditional love, enlightened appreciation, total fusion, and spiritual acceptance and healing.

Saturn connections hold people together in a way that is difficult to break but often brings lessons, restrictions, discipline, structure and may indicate a past life contract or work to be done together.

Jupiter is a planet of expansion, happiness, celebration, learning, fun and multi-dimensional access. It celebrates the family history, international travel, adventure, risk, joy, fulfillment, and shared spiritual values and ethics.

Pluto is associated with soul level connections that are extremely intense, sometimes obsessive and may be all consuming.

Chiron (a comet that is a lesser known connection) can bring connections in healing relationships, create a bridge from the old way of life to the new; also according to Magi Astrology Chiron connections create soul mate linkages that do not always need to be romantic in nature.

Remember each one of the planets also have a shadow side. For example, the lower vibrational function of the South Node contacts can be dysfunction, addiction or a feeling of captivity. Venus contacts may make for over indulgence or gluttony while Neptune can bring confusion, illusion or deception. A darker expression of Saturn can be too much criticism and not enough appreciation and support. Pluto contacts may indicate control, tyranny, and even violence, and too much Jupiter can be too much fun and not enough productivity.

The Sign that the Planet is in plays a key role, additionally as does the house placement. Spiritual relationships generally show up in the water houses: the 4th house of home will feel like family; the 8th will indicate a supernatural or profound soul level affinity and the 12th will indicate past life and future life connections, and is transcendent, perhaps one of the most elusive spiritual realms available to us on the earth plane. This contact can create one of the most deeply spiritual contacts known, but may promote escapism or make practical expression challenging.

These soul level or spiritual connections may occur in traditional romantic relationships but also between family members, best or close friends, mentor/student, a guru, a writer to whom you feel a deep kinship, even a beloved pet or a geographic location. I hope this gives you a few clues to understanding the mysterious underpinnings and subtleties of our spiritual connections and how astrology can shed light on them.

Happy Birthday, Sun Sign!
Sun Sign Columns

Understanding Aries
(March 21-April 20)
by Cathy H. Burroughs

Happy Birthday, courageous Aries. As the Evel Knievel of the Zodiac, your birthday marks the Vernal Equinox and the beginning of Spring. As the natural ruler of the first house of self, you are particularly attuned to the seasons and natural cycles of nature, the stars and society. The part of the body that governs Aries energy is the head (picture the butting head of the ram or a bucking bronco, and you get the idea).

The fiery initiating Cardinal leader Aries is the great pioneer, warrior, risk- taker, breaker-of-new ground and a goer “where angels fear to tread.” They love to jumpstart initiatives and get things rolling, especially if they are new, original or have never been done before.
Then, they’ll hand it off to one of the other more task-completion oriented of the Zodiac, such as the fixed and tenacious Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio or Taurus or the more malleable mutable Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius.

Ruled by Mars the god of war, the ever-youthful Aries is the action hero of the Zodiac, aggressive, assertive, sexy, who will lead without caring one iota whether anyone is behind them or not. Aries make great entrepreneurs, courageous investors, adventurous outdoors people and explorers who love a career which requires risk, fearlessness and start-ups. They can also the great babies of the Zodiac, with a “me first” attitude which at times may lead to a preoccupation with self that may be problematic when another is involved but can also be great leaders and generous and helpful with their time, energy and resources.

Their natural counterpart is the Venus-ruled (as in the John Gray help book for the sexes Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus) harmonious and conciliatory Libra who may grow weary doing all the accommodating and compromising. Aries like to set the agenda, cut to the chase and often are known to say things like, “stop shilly shalling”, “get on with it”, “I can’t be bothered,” and “your point is???” It was probably an impatient Ram copywriter who penned the great Nike slogan, “Just Do It;” or the cartoonist t-shirt that bemoaned the fact that “Everybody’s always getting in my way.”

Sometimes impatient, reckless, impetuous, aggressive or argumentative, the action-oriented Aries person will not dilly dally, with get things done, are as productive as hell and don’t have the time to go through bureaucracy, red tape and can’t (always) be bothered to build consensus. Perhaps this is why owners of red cars (associated with Martian assertiveness may be a bit more accident prone and… candidates for road rage?) may be paying the higher insurance premiums?

While the impetuous and goal-oriented Aries loves the dynamic energy of the other fire signs (Leo and Sag), there is generally a power struggle as to who gets to decide what is done and when, especially between (guess who?) that fixed, mirror-gazing Leotine of the jungle. Aries generally enjoys the company of the compatible and detached air signs (Aquarius, Gemini and Libra). A word to the wise should be sufficient: in love and lust, the testosterone-heavy (no matter what gender) Ram loves the chase. It is the challenge, not the conquering that keeps a passionate, hot, hot, hot stag coming back for more.

Understanding Taurus
April 21st - - May 20th
By Cathy H. Burroughs

One of my best friends Deb is a fixed earthy Taurus with a capital T. Financially, she is prone toward having all past checks organized in perfectly constructed boxes in alpha, chron order and cross referenced by subject. Her apartment while decorated on a shoestring is absolutely mesmerizing. Swath of fabric create a romantic and diaphanous boudoir atmosphere, with Christmas lights, candles and unusual creative touches everywhere, many handmade or created by artist friends.

Her bathroom is filled with an exotic and unusual soap collection with a changing array of cosmetics and adornments all decorously arranged. Her gastronomic talents are second to none. Whatever the foodstuff, she has a way of transforming it to nectar of the gods. She works in a museum (of course), has a fabulous fashion sense and creates extravagant and stylish balls and special events. These galas are festooned with the most unusual and brightly colored fresh flower arrangements and sumptuous and irresistible banquets to satisfy the most prick of palettes. She does this, together with running a well-oiled performance operation.

At Christmas time, watch-out, cause it is Project City. With funky and creative decorations, multi-colored papers, twines of every variety, cards and unusual gifts, she customized each on with the waft of her magic glue gun. Even her morning Java is magical, brewed from a cappuccino machine with a flavor unsurpassed by any Starbucks Emporium this side of the Rockies.

She has an investment portfolio and a retirement plan. Her Cabriolet is regularly maintained and the leather seats regularly polished. In short, when it comes to the sensual and practical details of life, she is non-parried and she brings a special flair to everything in her blessed sphere.

Her life is Feng Shui, animated: homage to the senses. Never mind that she is anathema to change, rarely makes and impetuous decision (always asks for her requisite 48-hours for any major consideration) and can be cranky as all get out, all that surrounds her is beauty, grace and style…The reliable and steadfast earthy Taurus is fixed, with a perseverance that just won’t quit. The down side is that they can be resistant, stubborn and unbending and once committed to a course of action, have trouble changing gears. They may move slowly or ploddingly, depending upon their planetary influences and are ruled by the lovely Venus, goddess of the arts, love, partnership and beauty.

Taurus rules the neck and throat, as well as the cervical vertebrae, and some Bull persons make their living from their inspired warblings, including, Barbara Streisand, Sheena Easton and Tammy Wynette.

The safeguards of the Earth’s resources, Taurus rules the second house of money, possessions, real estate and sensual values and enjoys working in the arts, gardening in the fashion or beauty industries, with food, conservation, finances and real estate. Most compatible with their earth signs (Virgo and Capricorn), they groove with the watery Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio, their passionate polar opposite. No stranger to power struggles, they tend to lock horns with fixed Aquarius and Leo, but once ensconced in a secure and nourishing relationship are loyal and devoted and prefer constancy and consistency.

Other famous Bulls include make-up maven Mary Kay Ash; chief extroadinare (and don’t hold the sauce) James Beard; UK honcho Tony Blair, waifish and elegant star Audrey Hepburn; the sometimes outlandish Dennis Rodman; silent movie idol Rudolph Valentino; producer David O. Selznick and movie mogul/genius Orson Wells.