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Psychic Solutions~ Psychic Solutions~Psychic Solutions
Palm, Astrology, Fortune Teller, Crystal Ball, Psychometry, Handwriting, Angel, Tarot and more!
Also pamper parties, spa parties for all ages and many fabulous performers!

Gifted Readers for all your party needs......
For Parties, Special & Corporate Events

Cathy Burroughs is a renowned Psychic/Medium/Astrologer and more

For your initial consultation, a Psychic reading or Combination reading is generally recommended.
All rates are based on the length of the session and available upon request. Rates may vary depending on whether
we incorporate the astrological chart, do psychic work only or incorporate healing/clearing into the session.
Both phone and in-person sessions are available and all readings may be taped.

Psychic Readings

· Psychic Readings: Past, Present, Future - these cover all aspects of your life based on questions or intuitive information received. These can be psychic only or incorporate other modalities as well.

· Combination Readings: Generally include Psychic, Astrology and Tarot. Astrology is a useful tool for cosmic timing, life purpose and more. The tarot may provide new information that does not always come through psychically.

· Tarot Readings: In depth card readings focus on all aspects of life, as well as love and core life issues. We may use a range of lay-outs including the Celtic Cross 10-card spread, Story or Work Cycle, Kabbalah Tree of Life, Horoscope, Annual Cycles by Month and others.

· Spiritual Readings: Exploring your guides, angels, past, parallel and future lives, spiritual functions, relatives and spirits who have passed over, spiritual purpose, animal totems, and more. May be incorporated into a regular session, as well.

· Past Life Readings: May include 1) an over view of all of your past lives, their themes, lessons and more, as well as 2) clearings of past life trauma or, 3) in-depth past life guided meditation where we go in greater detail into one or several lifetimes. This may be incorporated into a regular session, as well, and may be done individually or in combination.

· Multi-Dimensional Channeling: Guided multi-dimensional large scale planetary or cosmic healings and journeying done individually or in small or large group settings. Specific themes such as 2012, etc. may be chosen.

· Mediumship: Accessing relatives or key persons who have transitioned. This may be incorporated into a regular session and often occurs spontaneously in a session. May bring messages, details, healing and resolution. Pet mediumship is also available.

· Pet Readings: All services are also available for pets as well.

· Other: All services are available for children or new born babies as a gift or for other family members and friends for a special occasion.

Deluxe Psychic Sessions: Two Person Readings with Myself and Partner Gail Morgan

I often work with a partner Florida-based dowser Gail Morgan who works with great facility with her pendulum. We work rapidly and get a lot of information accurately and in great depth. These are done over the phone, in person when Gail is in the Atlanta area, or when we travel together. This is an exhilarating, fast moving session.

Deluxe Healing/Clearing – Gail and I also do multi-dimensional healing/ clearings as a team, as well. The healing/clearing is a powerful and effective guided meditation where we clear patterns, programs, traumas, blocks or anything that's impeding you from happiness and fulfillment in this incarnation. We clear past, present, future, past lives, and other realms and dimensions back to the origins of your consciousness....

Astrology Readings

Astrology readings cover your life themes, cosmic timing, gifts and abilities, challenges, relationship dynamics, career and vocational abilities, life purpose, soul mate and soul mate connections, soul level concerns, spirituality, creative and intuitive gifts and more. They are based on the day, month, year, time and location of your birth. They also provide great insight into future trends, timing and relationship dynamics, among other things. Astrology readings can be done one-time only, annually, an as-needed-basis or incorporated into a psychic session.

Full Spectrum of Astrology

Natal: Your gifts, challenges, life purpose, themes and larger destiny from birth

Transits - Trends for this year based on the planets in the sky – may be updated each year

Progressions - Tendencies from this day until this time next year – may be updated each year

Solar Return - from one birthday to the next...the themes and energies of your year

9th Harmonic - This a little understood Soul Level Chart that also sheds like on your Soul Mate issues - what you are looking for on the soul level or for a soul mate. Profound insights come through this harmonic chart.

7th Harmonic - This chart looks at your spirit as well as your intuitive, artistic and mystical gifts and more.

Relationship Compatibility: What works, challenges, all aspects including sexual, mental and emotional dynamics, soul level contacts, soul mate issues, the relationship itself as well as trends into the future. This sessions provides great insight into your relationship and is a wonderful tool for relationship growth, as well.

Family Dynamics - Groups of charts of family or other groups may be explored together to understand everyone's larger function within the group. A report is available through this session as well.

· Relocation: Where to move, where to travel for your birthday, where in the world is optimal for success and fulfillment....a fascinating insight when considering a major move or trip, or trying to find the optimal destination.

· Birthday or Holiday Readings: Astrology readings can be taped or done in person for gifts for birthday, holidays, anniversaries, Valentine’s or any other special occasion.

· Choosing Dates: For Weddings, Medical Procedures, to Launch a book or venture, Build a house, Start a book, Send out something for publication, for optimal times for Conception and more.

· Children’s’ Readings: These can be done for your or other family member’s children or when a new baby is born, as a gift or to better understand your child's life and destiny.

· Pet Readings: If you know your pet’s day of birth, we can actually do an astrology reading for your pet; if you don’t we can still do a psychic reading.

· Astrology Reports: Written reports that can be emailed to augment your taped sessions. These include your Birth Charts, Life Themes, Life Patterns, Numerology, Past Lives, Compatibility and more. They can be ordered individually or grouped.


· Healings/Clearings – The healing/clearing is a powerful and effective guided meditation where we clear patterns, programs, traumas, blocks or anything that's impeding you from happiness and fulfillment in this incarnation. We clear past, present, future, past lives, and other realms and dimensions back to the origins of your consciousness....We can do it all at once or in several installments. These sessions can be taped and are also available with both myself and my partner Gail Morgan for a intensified session.

· Chakra Lube Job – Using the Tarot to determine underlying core issues and how to shift them for your progress. This can be done on its own, incorporated into a regular session, in on-going spiritual counseling or as part of a larger healing/clearing session.

· Medical Intuition – Insight and protocols for medical issues that are difficult to resolve or diagnose; may provide insight into prospective surguries and include psychic, intuitive, applied kinesiology (muscle testing), astrology and spiritual counseling techniques.

Counseling/Coaching for Individuals and/or Couples

These sessions may be booked monthly, bi-weekly, as a series or as needed. We utilize the full spectrum of tools needed and include a combination of psychic information, spiritual counseling and reading, healing/clearing, mediumship, chakra lube job, tarot and others.

· Spiritual Counseling/Coaching – Individual on-going, one time only or as needed in-depth spiritual counseling to address all aspects of your life and path. Tools utilized are intuition and psychic, spiritual counseling, astrology, healing/clearing modalities, and more.

· Partnership Counseling/Coaching – Using a combination of astrology, psychic access and spiritual counseling, we can work in-depth with couples on a one time basis or on an on-going basis, as needed.

Parties + Special Events for Corporate or Private Events:

We also provide a wide range of readings for parties and special events such as Halloween, holidays, birthdays, wedding receptions, Valentine’s, Girls’ Night Out, Bat Mitzvahs, Mardi Gras, and more. We also provide services for Corporate Conventions, Retreats, Launches and Meetings. We have been featured on Q-100, 99 X, and Jezebel Magazine and at many of Atlanta’s premiere venues and provide accurate and entertaining psychic fortune telling, tarot, palm, crystal ball, astrology, handwriting analysis, psychometry, dowsing, and much more. We can come in costume and are very accurate and entertaining.

We are a full service entertainment agency and can provide top notch ideally chosen entertainers and ideas for your events.

Also available are Pamper Parties which may include reflexology, massage, hair and nails, facials, energy clearing and more.

For the parties and special events, we can incorporate private psychic readings plus group activities, if desired. For corporate events, we can customize our presentations to align with your theme. We also do team building, as well and provide full-scale event planning, if needed.