Meet Cathy  

Cathy H. Burroughs

Internationally Noted and Gifted Psychic known for her accuracy


Healer, Medium, Medical Intuitive

Also reads the Tarot, Handwriting, Lips, Tea Leaves and more.


Featured on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim Zolciac’s 40th Birthday Party as filmed by “Don’t Be Tardy” by BRAVO, received more than 1,000 calls based on the accuracy of her predictions.

Most recently Cathy wowed the sports world when she accurately predicted with the use of the Tarot deck 100% of the results of the NFL Wild Card games for Buffalo Wild Wings and received more than 160,000 views on the internet as a result of her accuracy.

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Cathy Burroughs is gifted psychic and astrologer with a booming national and international clientele, known for her detailed accuracy into the future. A natural born psychic, Cathy has been working as a professional psychic for more than twenty years and as an astrologer for twice as long. Her readings are often called “amazing,” “life-changing” and often rock the world of her clients based on her abilities as a 100% telepathic empath who utilizes her gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience. Clair cognizance with a high level knowledge of astrology whose unique research on soul mates has been published nationwide.

Cathy is also a healer, medical intuit and spiritual counselor. She is adept at healing/clearings and spiritual guidance helping her clients shift their patterns from the deepest levels. She also teachers the metaphysics nationally teaching psychic development at the national conference of dowsers as well as tarot, astrology, healing/clearing, medical intuition, and all levels of astrology. Cathy jokes that she is a one stop shop who is a straight psychic and can do mediumship, as well as work with a wide variety of tools including tarot reading, palm reading, psychic handwriting analysis, one of the only readers in the SE who can do lip reading, psychometry (reading objects), tea leaves and more.

She is regularly featured in the media and her appearance on Q~100’s leading morning talk show The Bert Show combined with the sheer number of accurate predictions she made on that show generated 1000’s of responses. She has also starred in several reality show sizzle reels and made a big impact following her appearance on The Lucky Yates Talk Show.

Cathy wowed the sports world with the accuracy of her NFL Wild Card tarot predictions – 100% accurate. She was cast on television as the lead in a paranormal Savannah based real estate show directed by an Emmy award-winning team; as the lead in a psychic pet detective show; a guest shot on VH-1’s top rated show and has been called by “Don’t Be Tardy”s star Kim Zolciac, “The real deal!” Previously the Vice President of the Metro Atlanta Astrological Society (MAAS), Cathy has lectured nationwide including on such cruise lines as Costa, Royal Caribbean, Princess, Carnival and Celebrity Cruise Lines.

Cathy works with a big team of over 30 talented psychics with her company Psychic Solutions Entertainment and have been the premiere psychics for corporate parties all over the SE, New York and LA, featured at the events of Microsoft, Q-100, 99X, Jezebel Magazine, Gojo Industries, World of Coca Cola, The Fox Theatre, The Hyatt Hotels, Westin Sundial, DVF and others including the live studio audience of CBS’s Carole’s Second Act. Her psychic work is often called, “amazing,” “extraordinary,” “beyond belief,” including rave reviews by Atlanta’s top morning show host Bert Weiss.

Cathy travels the world and regularly teaches Psychic Development, Astrology, Tarot, Healing and Medical Intuition nationally.

As heard on Q-100's The Bert Show and featured at the parties of Q-100, 99 X, Jezebel Magazine
and corporate and private parties all over the SE and nationally.

I had a reading that has proven so incredibly accurate, my hands are shaking as I write this. I can't thank you enough for the insight you provided and the peace of mind your reading has given me. You are amazing. - Atlanta Attorney

I know you have the gift. The accuracy of your readings rocked my world. - Bert Weiss, Host, Q 100's The Bert Show

I thought she was a genius. ~ Radio Host

You are like one of those psychics to the stars. For many years, your predictions have been phenomenally on point: The amount I would receive from a law suit, the date of the settlement, the day a relationship would begin, where I could find work....on and on.....I have been to you for years and you never cease to amaze me. - Former Fireperson/Hardware Store Manager

Cathy just blows my mind. First she comes up with the person I'm seeing's description...then her location, then her past times, then her personality....and lastly......and this I could not believe - her name! She's just not to be believed. I don't know how she does it! -Principal, Middle School, Paulding County

In my opinion you're a super star ~ the next Lisa Williams. – a national calamity Insurance Agent

In 50 years I've never met anyone who comes close to her giftedness. Her readings are incredible. She is one of the best! -CEO, Mind/Body Connections & Noted Energy Healer

You are so accurate. The best in the business! - College Administrator

Cathy is really extraordinary. The level of accuracy, detail, insight, scope of her abilities is truly amazing. I have never met anyone who even comes close to her giftedness. I can truly say my sessions with Cathy absolutely revolutionized my life on every level! - Director, Information Technology, International Telecommunications Firm

An amazing experience! You are blessed with beautiful gifts! It was really just a dream come true seeing you and how amazing and what a great person you are! - Graphic Designer, Denver, CO

Cathy's business predictions have proven correct time and time again. I refer to her often to assist me in my career choices and business decisions. My colleagues are even asking for her take on projects. Cathy's accuracy and clarity is amazing! - VP, Sales and Marketing, Pratt Corporation, Indianapolis, IN

Cathy B is one of the most gifted healers I have met. She brings to the table many, many hats. Very multi-faceted. Cathy is always showing behaviors on how to Lighten-up where miracles happen. An extraordinary, compassionate, generous human-spirit of God at work. - Noted Medical Intuit, healer, author and teacher