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Cathy H. Burroughs
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Cathy Burroughs is a renowned Psychic/Medium/Astrologer and more

For your initial consultation, a Psychic reading or Combination reading is generally recommended.
All rates are based on the length of the session and available upon request. Rates may vary depending on whether
we incorporate the astrological chart, do psychic work only or incorporate healing/clearing into the session.
Both phone and in-person sessions are available and all readings may be taped.

  This reading was completely mind boggling. It was as if you were reading my private vision board. The amount of details, insight, specific validation just blows my mind. Iím kind of in shock right now. I was told you were the real deal, totally authentic.....but this has totally blown my mind. - International Corporate Consultant, Texas

I wanted you to know everything you described to me four years ago has taken place. You described in great detail, with very specific time lines my professional and personal trajectory. Even your observations that seemed so off the wall, out of character, extremely unlikely - all occurred. Itís really quite amazing. - CEO, Hospital Network, Texas

Whenever I get a reading from you the atmosphere gets all magical and I feel transported. I love to come see you. I leave feeling inspired, refreshed with a brand new perspective for the big picture of my next chapter. I even get incredible detail about the people I am working with so much nuance and insight that helps me greatly with my job. I love your readings and always canít wait to see you! - Manager, Software Development, Apple, San Francisco, CA

Cathy, you told me things about my life that nobody knew. Not even myself! - Development Director, Theatrical Venue, Atlanta, GA

Cathy, already three things you predicted yesterday have taken place. You are truly amazing! - Financial Corporate Analyst, Atlanta, GA

Spot on! Complete validation and great insight. And even some new information I canít wait to see how it unfolds. - Corporate Human Resources Manger, Atlanta, GA

There was quite a lot of really brand new information here. Some great insights. Youíve helped me greatly. I feel so much more at peace. I will be back - and soon. - Manager, Chiropractic Practice, Atlanta, GA

You pulled so many details out of a hat. I told you nothing. But you said Iíd be in Northern California and meet a romantic partner with name beginning with letter D. Well I am, and I have! - Noted Clothing Designer, Bay Area, CA

You predicted exactly what would happen even though I didnít see how. You said word for word the exact message my husband said to me in a chance meeting. It was as if you had read the script in advance. I am shaking my head right now. How do you do it? - Flight Attendent/ Personal Coach, Fayetteville, GA

You even came up with my deceased motherís name. And she has an extremely rare and unusual name. - Actor, Atlanta, GA

You told me something about a fire station and a train and two life and death experiences. I had no idea what you were talking about. Well, in the middle of the night I remembered, in fact, two life and death experiences from my childhood that NOBODY knew about with these details in them. I am really profoundly taken aback. I really canít get over it! - ClŪent, Clearwater, FLA

You truly are that rare psychic who is truly great, truly accurate. I know many, many psychics and you are in the rare group of great ones! If I were working on a high level criminal case I would definitely want you on my team! You really are outstanding! - Ginette Matacia, Virginia Beach, VA - psychic who helped solve Casey Anthony and Chandra Levy cases, Noted Crime Psychic, daughter of Louis Matacia, Renowned Dowser who worked with FBI, CIA, U.S. Marines, and others

You said I would meet a high level well known person in the theatre field who would be interested in mentoring me. Well, I did. The next day! - Screenwriter/ Playwright, Atlanta, GA

You are a godsend. I got a call from the county. You predicted exactly what they were calling about as well as the upshot. Iíve been calling you for over twenty years - and you never cease to amaze. You have helped me negotiate my trials and challenges for all these years with incredible accuracy! I love you! - Surgery Center, Manager, Buckhead, GA

You are a wonderful psychic with phenomenal accuracy. Everything youíve told me has happened. - Fellow Psychic, Kennesaw, GA

To be honest I was skeptical. I've had so many readings and they kind of missed the mark. I wasn't expecting much, to be honest, but I have to say I am completely blown away and overwhelmed. You were incredible. You tuned right in and touched on details about my family, deceased relatives and inner life - secrets that no one knows! Beyond belief. - Marketing and Development Professional, Atlanta-based Theater

What a gift your reading was! I didn't expect to cry! You knew things that were like "wow"! Amazing! Just something so special! Beyond expectations! - Television Producer

Literally the day after our reading what you predicted happened! My career is moving in an entirely new direction overnight and you called it. What a gift you have. I am bowled over! - Atlanta Attorney

I had to text you immediately. What you said happened the next day. You described a specific nationally-known person that I thought was impossible to work with. Well, today he walked into my gym for the first time ever - in the seven years I've been working out there. As he was walking out the door he turned and said, " Call my office. We'll work something out." Miraculous! - Theater and Film Script Writer, Director and IT Professional

A year ago you described a man I would be with very specifically. The description was of my current boyfriend to a t but you called him by another name. Well, yesterday he found his birth records - and you're not going to believe this - that name was his Christian middle name from birth! I'm still in shock! - Barber

You are incredible. You predicted in detail parts and auditions I would get. I thought, "She doesn't know what she's talking about," except they all happened as you said they would. Everything you said, occurred. Everything! - Actor

I just want you to know every single thing you predicted from the time I saw you seven years ago - both good and bad - happened. Everything! - Pastry Chef & Faculty Member, Le Cordon Bleu

What I know about you - the best psychic I've ever met on the planet. Bar none! - CEO, Travel Sites, App Creator, Entrepreneur

I am still getting calls about that incredible party you put together for me. It will never be forgotten! - Party Host, Atlanta, GA

Working with you has changed my life. You will never know the impact you have had on my life and my life direction. Huge! VP, IT, National Retail Chain and Psychic Development Student

You came to my son's Sweet 16 Party five years ago and were awesome! They are still talking about you! I can't wait to have you come back for my other son's Sweet 16! You made an amazing entrance and such an impact - to this day they are all still talking about you! They absolutely loved you! - Party Host, Fayetteville, GA

It's been six years since I've seen you and EVERYTHING you said - both good and bad - has ALL come true! -
Chef, Cordon Bleu, Atlanta, GA

You are so accurate, it's scary. - Mortgage Manager, Atlanta, GA

Everything you said would happen for my mother, did! You are incredible! - Attorney, Atlanta, GA

I've been to many readers, and you are the best! - Homemaker, Colorado Springs, CO

You are incredibly insightful. You blew me away. - Health Administrator, Atlanta, GA

Your level of accuracy is astounding. - Artist, Atlanta, GA

I just want you to know that what you said to me changed my life. - Client, Atlanta, GA

You told me two years ago, I would be in sales. I never thought that would happen. Two years, later, I'm in sales. I am still in shock about this! - Client, Atlanta, GA

You said I would be doing advocacy for children. Well, one year later that is exactly what I am doing. I canít believe it. It seemed so unlikely at the time. Ė Advocate, Florida

Do you have a business degree from Columbia or something? How do you know this stuff? - Corporate VP, Marketing, NYC