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Cathy H. Burroughs
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Psychic Solutions~ Psychic Solutions~Psychic Solutions
Palm, Astrology, Fortune Teller, Crystal Ball, Psychometry, Handwriting, Angel, Tarot and more!
Also pamper parties, spa parties for all ages and many fabulous performers!
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Psychic Solutions Entertainment
As Halloween and the holiday season approaches we would love to work with you to provide world class fortune tellers of every variety and out of the box entertainment for your Halloween and Holiday parties! Our entertainers and shows are positively top drawer and pack the wow factor ~ always the hit of your parties! to book soon!


World class psychics They can do one on one readings or a psychic show or group! Psychic fortune tellers, palm and face readers, psychometry, pendulum, tarot, astrologers, hand~writing analysis, tea leaf, only lip readers in the SE, crystal ball and so much more! I have some fabulous new psychics: one who even talks in tongues and does amazing psychic work!
Out of the box one of a kind Entertainers Magicians, caricature artists, henna artists, circus performers, contortionists and aerial artists, sword swallower, zombies, body painted servers or performers, human statues, tattoo or face painters, snake charmers, fire eaters, belly dancers and so much more!
Full Acts/Shows Impersonators, The Body Art Circus, The Pickle Family Variety Show, Sword Swallower Full Vaudeville Show, Man with Human Sized Puppets as featured on America's Got Talent, Magician/Mentalist Show, Psychic/Handwriting Show, Belly Dance/Fire Eater/Snake Charmer and so much more!
Kids Entertainment Story Tellers, Circuses, Face Painters, Balloon Art, Magicians, Hair and Nails, Characters, Jewelry Making and more!
Pamper Parties Massage, Reflexology, Healing Circles, Hair/Nails, Facials and more
Here are some specific possibilities to consider:

1) The Body Art Circus ~ Magical and beautiful
4~5 plus entertainers all body painted beautifully to include possibly
A Belly Dancer (world renowned)
Poi Hawaiian Spinning (beautiful magical rare clear balls reflecting the light)
Contact Juggler
Fire Person/Magician
Pole Dancer (extra)
Burlesque Performer (a bit edgy) and others
2) Sword Swallower/Piercer Show ~ Nationally noted 2 to three person show with big neon Electric Chair finish. Incredible! Huge HIT at 99 X last year!

3) Man dancing and lip synching with human size puppets ~ Hit on America's Got Talent. Outrageous, hilarious, brilliant ~ 4 different ten minute acts.

4) Family Variety/Vaudeville Show ~ Full Vaudeville Act with Can Can Dancers and a variety of shows ~ perfect for the entire family!

and of course psychic Fortune Tellers galore!!

We also have several other Circus Shows as well in a variety of price well as individual entertainers Snake Charmers, Caricature Artists, Contortionist and Aerial Show and individual performers, Henna Artists, Body Painted Servers and Performers, Fire Eaters, Belly dancers and much much more!

Love to discuss these with you for this year's party! As Halloween and the holidays are our busiest time of year, please call or text cell (404) 543~1080, office (404) 292~2000 or email